Apakah Yang Akan Anda Tinggalkan Untuk Anak-Anak Sekiranya Anda Sudah Tiada?

Kematian adalah perkara yang tidak dapat diramal oleh mana-mana manusia, walau dengan bantuan teknologi paling canggih sekalipun. Namun, setiap yang hidup pasti mati, dan tiada yang boleh kekal abadi di dunia ini. Tidak mengira agama, bangsa atau warna kulit, anda seharusnya membuat persedian untuk kematian. Secara spiritual dan religi, persedian untuk menghadapi kematian sudah tentu bermaksud mendekatkan diri dengan tuhan dan memperbanyakkan amalan kebaikkan. Namun, pernahkah anda terfikir, apa akan terjadi kepada keluarga yang anda tinggalkan setelah anda meninggal dunia?

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Should University Undergrads Get A Life Insurance Or Medical Card?

If you’re a Malaysian university undergrad, or have a family member currently pursuing their tertiary education, you might think this is totally unnecessary. But allow us to change the whole perspective and all you need to do is open your mind and keep on reading!

Before we go further into the Yes or No answer, it would be best to introduce the types of Life Insurance and Medical Cards we’ve in Malaysia. There are hundreds of products available in the market to choose from, segregated into different categories according to its type, demographic target market, and sum covered. So how would you know which one suit you best?

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What Insurance & When Should You Buy One for Your Children?

Insurance is never a bad thing when you are buying it for someone in need, especially if they are dear to you – your children for instance. Here, we lay down some facts and let you decide on why you should consider getting an insurance policy for your children.

Child insurance should provide these basics benefits:

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Apa itu Takaful dan Hibah?

Kebelakangan ini, kita selalu mendengar tentang insurans takaful dan juga hibah. Tetapi, berapa ramaikah antara kita yang tahu apa maksud kedua-dua perkara ini? Walaupun terdapatnya lebih banyak syarikat insurans yang wujud untuk memenuhi permintaan orang Islam yang memilih perlindungan insurans bukan konvensional, masih ramai lagi yang tidak tahu apa maksud dan juga perbezaan antara insurans konvensional dan takaful.

Jadi, apakah itu takaful?

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Why Should You Buy an Insurance Policy Before Your Trip?

It’s always exciting to wonder about things to do during your holiday. If you’re heading to a beach destination, you can enjoy parasailing, jet skiing or snorkelling. For travellers who prefer the outdoors, you can find adventure in hiking, rock climbing or ATV riding. If a city escapade is up to your alley, walking tours or cycling trips will keep you smiling. Despite the fun possibilities, misfortune can strike too.

Remember that boy who got killed while jet skiing in Batu Ferringhi? How about that time when a group of climbers got injured while ascending Mount Kinabalu? Let’s not forget the tour bus accidents that can happen when you’re travelling to your holiday destination. We can never predict the likelihood of accidents during our holiday. With the right insurance protection, you can minimise the medical or financial impact when it strikes.

Which insurance product do you need for travelling?

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Insurans, Takaful & Umat Islam

Insurans bukanlah satu topik yang suka diperbincangkan oleh orang Malaysia. Lebih-lebih lagi, buat orang Melayu atau orang Islam yang tidak dapat penjelasan penuh tentang kepentingan insurans. Tentunya sekali, dengan wujudnya persepsi negatif bahawa segelintir pihak insurans didakwa menipu pelanggan mereka, ia menjadi satu hujah untuk memburukkan insurans.
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Why Did We Build GoInsurans?

Most folks will advise you not to share everything you have in mind with your Customers when you are starting a business especially if it involves the Customer’s well being.

Well, we feel differently about that. We believe that You deserve to know the truth because we owe that to you. Because You are the reason we built this platform and we have an obligation to tell you why we did it.

You see, we at GoInsurans are just ordinary folk like yourselves. We are average Malaysians who come from different backgrounds. Some of us come from small kampungs, some of us come from small towns while others from big cities. Heck, one of us actually comes from an estate.

We therefore know the hardships of life.

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Breaking Down the Basics of a Medical Card

It’s a situation that we never want to find ourselves to be in, but accidents happen. Whether you fall sick or break your arm, we need to prepare ourselves for the unexpected. This is where a medical card comes in. Depending on your policy, medical cards can provide access to a range of cares and treatments. Most importantly, the payment will be covered by your insurer. With various benefits to offer, what else does it do? Today, our article will break down the basics of a medical card.

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5 Essential Steps to Finding a Great Insurance and Takaful Agent

The best thing about finding a great insurance and takaful agent is knowing that your needs will be taken care of. They immediately understand your preferences. Then, match it with a plan you deserve from the get-go. In reality, finding your dream agent requires several essential steps. Thankfully, we are here to help.

Step 1: Look out for important traits

It’s safe to say that a great insurance and takaful agent prioritise your needs over their interests. Hitting the sales target is the last thing on their mind. They will listen to your requirement and empathise to your needs. They’re helpful in simplifying and explaining the insurance plans in front of you. For them, building a trustworthy relationship with their customer begins with open communication and transparency.

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Buying Insurance Online vs an Agent

As we have evolved to a more digital age, it only makes sense for everything else around us to follow suit. The insurance industry is no exception and has taken measures to make insurance available through online channels. For a very human centric business, it makes sense as to why this progression took longer for the industry. We have covered the opportunities and benefits of each, online and traditional insurance in our previous posts. On top of identifying the right plan and the amount we need, going through the right channel plays an equally important part in determining the after sales we will get. Let’s explore the differences between both of these channels.

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