Why Did We Build GoInsurans?

Most folks will advise you not to share everything you have in mind with your Customers when you are starting a business especially if it involves the Customer’s well being.

Well, we feel differently about that. We believe that You deserve to know the truth because we owe that to you. Because You are the reason we built this platform and we have an obligation to tell you why we did it.

You see, we at GoInsurans are just ordinary folk like yourselves. We are average Malaysians who come from different backgrounds. Some of us come from small kampungs, some of us come from small towns while others from big cities. Heck, one of us actually comes from an estate.

We therefore know the hardships of life.

We know how it feels to wake up and work hard for our loved ones. Deep down, we want to provide them with a decent life. Perhaps a life more enriching than ours. And yet, more often than not as we slog our way through life, we tend to forget or overlook to protect our family.

Don’t take us wrong.

Yes, you’re doing a great job in providing for your family. But take a minute to ponder. Are you doing enough to protect your family from sudden illness and health complications?

As facts would have it, 47% Malaysians do not have life insurance coverage while those who do are under-insured! In the past, some of us here at GoInsurans were part of this statistic which is a HUGE mistake!

And knowing that and experiencing that on a personal level is exactly what made us build GoInsurans in the first place. We have seen enough times in our lifetime decent, hardworking and honest people like You suffer from not having prepared for life’s challenges.

Why Insurance is Important?

Insurance was created as a means to prepare ordinary folks like you and us for life’s challenges. Be it an illness, a small accident on the way to work or even the untimely arrival of life’s ultimate FULLSTOP, insurance was created to cater for our needs and for the needs of those closest to us. And yet, so many of us are uninsured!

So we at GoInsurans made a conscious decision to change this. We decided that ordinary folks like You, deserve to be protected and helped in confronting life’s challenges just like we have done for ourselves here at GoInsurans.

That’s why the GoInsurans logo is a human heart protected by a shield. It signifies the protection that You, provide as the shield to those closest to your heart.

We decided that we want to get more than 90% Malaysians covered with a Life Insurance policy. A tall order some might say but we truly believe that if You work with us, we can all achieve this goal together!

However, we understand that insurance is not a nice word to hear. Say ‘insurance’ to a friend or family and we know they’d speed off as fast as Usain Bolt.

Why is this you might ask?

There are a variety of reasons. Some say they can’t afford it or don’t have the time. Others find insurance to be too complicated to understand. There are also those who say that they don’t trust the Insurance Agent who is selling them the policy to have their best interest at heart.

So we at GoInsurans decided to address those questions and doubts by building the GoInsurans platform. We wanted to make sure that we built a platform that has transparency and integrity at its very core. We set out and built a platform that will connect you to the very best Insurance Agents within your vicinity.

Featuring highly-rated professional insurance agents, their real-life experiences will help you create the life you want.

Through GoInsurans, You, have the freedom to connect with Insurance and Takaful Agents from any carrier you would like from any location that you choose including literally from your own dinner table! More importantly, you have the right to responsibly rate any Agent that you have contacted through the GoInsurans platform and tell your fellow Customer of your experience.

Best part of it all, you can do it while you are having your Teh Tarik or your Char Kuey Teow or even from right in front of your television at home without ever meeting the Agent in person; until You decide to do so or ready to buy a policy.

You can contact as many agents that you want and have an ONLINE CHAT with them directly on the GoInsurans platform. You can compare the service quality of one agent to another from one insurance company in Malaysia to another. You can compare one medical card to another. You can compare a life Insurance or Takaful insurance Policy from Company A against Company B which you would inevitably do anyway but this time without wasting your time arranging to meet each agent in person.

All with the assistance of qualified Insurance Agents available in our database at GoInsurans.

Once you have gained all the information that you want or need, You can then proceed to arrange an appointment with an Agent of your choice to finalize the Insurance Policy Contract. Alternatively, you can also set an appointment with the particular Agent to obtain more detailed information.

All this without ever giving away your personal contact information to the Agent until you are comfortable or ready to do so.

The cherry on the cake is that you are also able to identify your coverage needs through an insurance calculator. Answer a few simple questions on our Needs Analysis tool and you will be able to identify your Total protection Needs.

And guess what Mr./Ms. Customer, the platform is FREE! We collect no money from You!

Of course in the spirit of honesty, we have to admit that we collect subscription fees from the Agents but this in no way affects our decision making as the rating of Agents is done by you, AND that will always remain in Your hands.

Let us work to ensure that you are well prepared to face life’s toughest challenges. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and register yourself at goinsurans.com.

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