Why Should You Buy an Insurance Policy Before Your Trip?

It’s always exciting to wonder about things to do during your holiday. If you’re heading to a beach destination, you can enjoy parasailing, jet skiing or snorkelling. For travellers who prefer the outdoors, you can find adventure in hiking, rock climbing or ATV riding. If a city escapade is up to your alley, walking tours or cycling trips will keep you smiling. Despite the fun possibilities, misfortune can strike too.

Remember that boy who got killed while jet skiing in Batu Ferringhi? How about that time when a group of climbers got injured while ascending Mount Kinabalu? Let’s not forget the tour bus accidents that can happen when you’re travelling to your holiday destination. We can never predict the likelihood of accidents during our holiday. With the right insurance protection, you can minimise the medical or financial impact when it strikes.

Which insurance product do you need for travelling?

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